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homicide n : the killing of a human being by another human being

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homicida, man-slayer, and homicidium, manslaughter


  • (UK): /ˈhɒmɪsaɪd/, /"hQmIsaId/
  • (UK): , /ˈhɑməsaɪd/, /"hAm@saId/ or , /ˈhoʊməsaɪd/, /"hoUm@saId/


  1. The killing of one person by another, whether premeditated or unintentional.
  2. A person who kills another.
  3. In the context of "countable|US|police jargon": A victim of homicide; a person who has been unlawfully killed by someone else.


  • 1996, A J Holt, Watch Me
    “She was a hippie kid. How hard would you work a case like that?”
    “As hard as anyone else,” said Goddard. There was an irritated note in his voice. “She was a homicide. She got what every homicide investigation gets.”
  • 2003: We don't even know the woman was a homicide. Didn't they say it was possible they both jumped? —Ellen Perry Berkeley, Keith's People ISBN 1930859449 p. 58
  • 2004: The medical examiner was behind on autopsies and cranky, so we didn't even know if the old guy in the pool was a homicide. —Jon Talton, Dry Heat ISBN 0312333854 p. 40


Derived terms


the killing of one person by another
a person who kills another
police jargon: a victim of homicide
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Homicide (Latin homicidium, homo human being + caedere to cut, kill) refers to the act of killing another human being. It can also describe a person who has committed such an act, though this use is rare in modern English. Homicide is not always an illegal act.

Homicidal crimes

Criminal homicide is a malum in se crime, and every legal system contains some form of prohibition or regulation of criminal homicide.
Homicidal crimes in some criminal jurisdictions include:
Many forms of homicide have their own term based on the person being killed.

Non-criminal homicide

Homicides do not always involve a crime. Sometimes the law allows homicide by allowing certain defenses to criminal charges. One of the most recognized is self defense, which provides that a person is entitled to commit homicide to protect his or her own life from a deadly attack.

State-sanctioned homicide

Homicides may also be non-criminal when conducted with the sanction of the state. The most obvious example is capital punishment, in which the state determines that a person should die, but homicides committed during war are usually not subject to criminal prosecution as well.


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